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Allan Sour Cherry Slices (Bulk 2.5kg)

Life is just a bowl of cherries. Unless your life is
really, really good. Then it’s a bowl of ALLAN
Mini Sour Cherry Slices Flavoured Candy.



Founded in 1931 in Hamilton, Ont., The Allan Candy Company Limited gained and retained its name from its visionary founder Allan Vertlieb, who first started producing lollypops in his kitchen, and selling them from his home. The Allan Candy Company is a leading North American manufacturer of quality chocolate and sugar confectionery products. The Allan Candy Company Limited markets its own iconic brands such as Big Foot, Hot Lips, Laces, SayBon, and Dessert Bites, while Allan Candy’s Bulk, Pick and Mix, and Pick a Treat franchises deliver candy lovers a wide assortment of sugar confectionery in the soft, toffee and hard candy forms. In addition, Allan leverages its iconic brands, marketplace scale, confectionery and nuts expertise to develop and deliver a substantial range of confectionery products to address the health and well being needs and concerns of today’s consumer.
Allan Candy


Allan Sour Cherry Slices (Bulk 2.5kg)
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