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Foreign Candy Kid's Novelties Paint & Eat (24 Count)

Fun Factory Paint The Candy give kids a mix of craft and snack in one. Each cardboard backed pack holds three round smileys made of dextrose fruity candy and a pen holding edible candy ink in blue raspberry flavor so that you can decorate the candies. Great for an activity or favor at slumber parties, afternoon fun with friends over after school or part of a birthday party. Place the display box on your counters or candy racks, as well as individually, hang the packs on hook displays. Interactive candy is fun for kids and adults alike so stock up for your next kids event. Order today!


•24 Packs
•2.54 Ounces Each
•Paint The Candy and Eat The Candy
•Each Pack Holds Three Fruity Dextrose Candy Smiley Faces
•Decorate With Fruity Blue Raspberry Gel


Foreign Candy Kid's Novelties Paint & Eat (24 Count)
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