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Huer Peg Bag Sour Jumbo Cola Bottle 65g (12 Count)

Huer Jumbo Sour Cola Bottles these soft and sweet classics are colored like half-filled soda bottles, but they are bursting with real cola taste. Dusted with just the right amount of sour to ensure you get the fizzy sour taste you desire. They look and taste like the classic cola bottle and taste like you would expect, but Sour!



Huer Foods offers an unmatched selection of quality gummy, confectionary and healthy snack items to Canadian retailers from some of the world’s best manufacturers. Huer Foods is well known in Canada for the innovative and premium quality products it brings to market. We serve all significant channels including grocery, drug, convenience, discount and speciality. We offer both branded, private label and bulk confectionary to retailers.
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Huer Peg Bag Sour Jumbo Cola Bottle 65g (12 Count)
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