Canel Gum 4pk 60ct

Canel’s Gum 4 pack Orignal (60 Count Mexican)

Canel gum are small bite size pieces of gum that are similar to the Chiclets gum and are a great change maker item for any c-store. 4 pieces of Canel gum are in each pack which sell at the store for around 10 to 20 cents. Each box has 6 delicious flavors and 60 packs are in each display.


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CANEL'S is a group of Mexican companies that originated in 1925. Since then, CANEL'S GROUP has enjoyed the reputation of providing excellence in customer satisfaction by offering high quality confectionery products. CANEL'S is an innovative company, dedicated to the continuing development of confectionary products. The company's main objective is to take its prestigious status and national leadership beyond its national borders. In 1990, CANEL'S became a leader in the national market, and has held this position since.Discover more at