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Pez Gift Tin Grinch

•4 Different Characters Inside
•Great Gift Idea For Collectors

PEZ Grinch Gift Tin is perfect for your fun-loving scrooge this Christmas! This limited-edition shaped tin comes with a tarty candy your kids will simply enjoy. The tin is in the shape of the goofy Grinch’s head and filled with tart green apple flavored candy pieces. Stored inside this wholesale holiday treat are different dispensers including the Grinch, Betty Lou Who, Maz the Dog and Fred the Reindeer along with the hard roll of pez candy for each character. Get your six-pack of this reusable holiday tin today by ordering now!


•6 Count
•1.74 Ounces Each
•Limited Edition
•Tin Is Shaped Like The Grinch’s Head
•Dispensers Include:
◦Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, Maz The Dog And Fred The Reindeer
•Comes With Sour Green Apple




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Pez Gift Tin Grinch
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