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Puchao Ramune Candy Stick 50G (10 Count Japan)

If you are looking for a new candy experience then you should try the Puchao Ramune Soda Stick. Ten pieces individually wrapped with the taste of Asian soda flavor ramune. For those who have never tried it, most compare it to the flavor of tutti fruitti. Showcase this brightly decorated display box near your registers for a great impulse candy and curious customer purchases. Stretch your horizons and introduce these wholesale candies that are soft like hi-chews with addition gummy balls and fizzy pieces for the sensation of soda carbonation. Be sure to order your Puchao candies today!

•10 Count
•1.76 Ounces Each
•10 Individually Wrapped Pieces Per Stick
•Great Ramune Soda Flavor
•Chewy Candy With Gummy Balls And Fizzy Tablets In Center For Fun Texture
•Ramune Flavor Is Fruity – Similar To Tutti Fruitti


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Puchao Ramune Candy Stick 50G (10 Count Japan)
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