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Raindrop Pizza Mini Gummies (12 Count)

Mini Candy Pizza Made With Soft Gummy Candy

In a perfect and sweet world, we candy lovers would of course order a candy pizza, and here at Candy Funhouse, that’s just the kind of pizza we suggest! The Raindrops Mini Candy Pizza is fit for every hungry candy connoisseur! Comes with a multitude of sweet, incredible candy toppings like fruit and veggie gummies, sweet long and luscious licorice laces, and to top it all off there’s a yummy, gummy egg! The Raindrops Mini Gummy Candy Pizza even comes in a miniature-sized pizza box! The best part about this pizza, it’s dinner and dessert all in one!

  • Packed in a pizza box
  • Creative toppings with great taste
  • Small Raindrops Mini Candy Pizza great for snacking
  • 1.4 ounces of candy pizza




Raindrop Pizza Mini Gummies (12 Count)
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